VISITAB 3 for Tablets & Capsules Inspection



  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality
  • Ensure a safe product launch
  • Meet regulatory requirements

No more compromising on inspection performance! The Visitab 3 is customized for 100% inspection of your tablets and capsules at high speed. Working with all tablet shapes and surface configurations, the Visitab 3 can detect the smallest defects and reject the defective tablets – enabling the batch to pass the most demanding AQL and ensuring top quality for your customers. The Visitab 3 is now equipped with the latest generation Blu-Ray laser technology, which provides extremely accurate 3D imaging for detecting fine embossing, cracks and chips.


  • High flexibility: sorts all product shapes with minimum parts to change
  • High precision: 3D imaging with Blu-ray laser technology
  • High throughput for all tablets shapes: oblong, oval, convex, etc.
  • High user autonomy for setting up new products

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